2011-59-60. Full text

International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance, Lyon, 17-20 May 2011


This special issue presents the contributions for the ISVEE congress of the year 2011, at Lyon (France). All the articles are written in English. You can find the whole contents at the first theme, after the speeches of the Association's Presidents and of the Director of the French Agency ANSES, who organises the congress.


Editorials, summaries and invited conferences (pages 1-14)

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Surveillance design and evaluation

Data and tools (pages 15-70)

Risk and Freedom (pages 71-124)

Early detection and Outbreak (pages 125-202)

Endemic (pages 203-259)


Communication, Collaboration and Implementation of Surveillance

Context and Attitudes (pages 261-290)

Evaluation (pages 291-339)

Optimisation (pages 340-410)

Challenging Environment (pages 410-443)