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Rabies in France and in Europe

Blancou (J)

The epidemiological situation of rabies in France and in Europe during 1984 is presented from tables, maps and graphs. Some new scientific, technic or statutory information in the field of epidemiology or control of rabies are discussed.


Epidemiological situation of bovine brucellosis in France during 1984

Dufour (B)

The situation of bovine brucellosis in France during 1984 is described with the help of tables, figures and maps. Although some differences may be pointed out between some “departments”, the whole data are showing a decrease of the disease as in last year’s data.


Enzootic bovine leukosis in France during 1984

Gaillot (B) & Dorche (H)

Incidence and geographical repartition of bovine leukosis in France during 1984 are there shown, as well as its physiognomy in infected herds.


Evolution of classical swine fever in EEC countries during 1984

Costes (C) & Carnero (R)

The authors are presenting an epidemiological study of classical swine fever in E.E.C. countries for the year 1984. The analysis of the disease evolution in France points out a situation allowing an eradication within a short time.


The campaign against bovine tuberculosis in France during 1984

Bénet (J-J)

The results of the campaign for bovine tuberculosis eradication in France during 1984 show the continuation of infection rates diminution. On December the 31st, herd infection rate was 0.51% (0.62% in 1983 and 0.76% in 1982). At the slaughterhouse, 20.521 animals were notified as tuberculosis, i.e. 2.494 unmarked animals and 18.027 marked. 14.220 had a positive reaction to tuberculin test, out of which 9.634 had lesions. Some slaughterhouses rates bring attention to a silent infection prevalence, which must not be ignored, although it is also decreasing. The quality of the data is discussed.


Evolution of varroatosis in France

Touchard (D)

Brief description of the evolution of varroatosis in France between 1982 and August 1985.




Development of equine viral arteritis outbreaks in the USA. Consequences on international traffic

Plateau (R), Jacquet (A) & Collobert (C)

The authors describe here the evolution of equine viral arteritis in Kentucky during 1984 and 1985, as well as the preventive measures taken in the U.S.A. and in the European countries, France included.


African swine fever in Belgium: March-June 1985

Bonbled (P)

African swine fever appeared for the first time in Belgium in 1985. This paper sums up what happened in March and in June. This brings to light all the consequences of the epizooty for the sanitary future in Europe.




Presence of Trypanosoma theileri in French cattle in Western France. Observations made in Fougères slaughterhouse

Nougayrède (P) & Perrin (G)

A study of blood samples coming from 199 heard of cattle slaughtered at Fougères slaughterhouse brought to light the presence of Trypanosoma theileri in 58 samples. This high level of infected animals shows an important activity of the insect vectors (Tabanidae).


Data to be collected in a farm: the calf husbandry example

Pommier (P)

A list of the main parameters, which characterize the calf-farming, is presented. This list contains ten rubrics: “Environment”, “Animals”, “Farm-Buildings”, “Feed”, “Watering”, “Hygiene”, “Systematic interventions”, “Pathology”, “Performances”, “Previous analysis”.