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Toma (B)


Rabies in France and in Europe in 1983

Blancou (J)

The epidemiological situation of rabies in France and in Europe during 1983 is presented with the help of tables, maps and graphics. Then, we recall some new information got in 1983 in the field of epidemiology or control of rabies.


Epidemiological situation of bovine brucellosis in France in 1983

Dufour (B)

The situation of bovine-brucellosis in France, during 1983, is described with the help of tables, graphics and maps. The decrease of the national level of bovine brucellosis infection goes on.


Action against bovine tuberculosis in France in 1983

Bénet (J-J)

The results of prophylaxis against bovine tuberculosis in France during the fiscal year of 1983 show a continuous decrease of infection rates: herds 0.62 p. cent (1982: 0.76; 1981: 0.96), animals: 0.1 p. cent (1982: 0.13; 1981: 0.15). Slaughterhouse results agree with this favourable trend, through the number of infected animals discovered at slaughterhouse (2,717), and through the increasing of tubercular non visible lesion reactors rates (1983: 54.1 p. cent; 1982: 51.5; 1981: 50.5). However, some signs reveal underlying difficulties going on: slowdown of eradication rate, increasing of persisting infection in infected herds.


Epidemiology of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in the south of France from 1980 to 1984

Delclos (G)

Between 1980 and April 1984, different contagious bovine pleuropneumonia outbreaks occurred in “Pyrénées-Orientales” department. All the primary outbreaks had been recorded in border counties or in counties next to the Spanish enclave of Llivia. Even with the special sanitary measures followed in France, an extension of the outbreaks of the disease is to be feared along Spanish border or from international pastures.


Bovine leukosis in France in 1983

Toma (B)

A map with comments shows the distribution of enzootic bovine leukosis outbreaks (with clinical signs) in France, in 1983.


Swine fever in E.E.C. countries

Carnero (R) & Costes (C)

The evolution of the epidemiological situation of swine fever in E.E.C. countries, during the last past years, is shown with the help of maps, graphics and tables. In some countries, the situation is still serious.


Aujeszky's disease in France in 1983

Toma (B), Lorant (J-M), Vigouroux (A), Ursache (R), Bijlenga (G), David (C), Eloit (M), Duée (J-P), Rose (R), Alamagny (A), Le Gardinier (J-C) & Laurent (J)

During 1983, the number of outbreaks of Aujeszky's disease in France has increased: 344 outbreaks with isolation of the virus in 53 departments (in 1982, 213 outbreaks in 43 departments); the number of Aujeszky's disease cases in dogs and cats roses from 74 in 1982 to 146 in 1983; in pigs, the disease is mainly seen in fattening pigs and it is much more difficult to know the real number of outbreaks. However it seems that, in Brittany, number reaches thousands.


Epidemiology of domestic bee (Apis mellifica) varroasis: the situation in France

Colin (M-E) & Faucon (J-P)

The great lines of the epidemiology of this disease, which recently appeared in France, are described. It seems like if this disease was to cover the major part of the country during the next coming years.


Equine infectious anaemia in France

Toma (B)

The epidemiological situation of Equine infectious anaemia in France, during the last years, is presented. The number of outbreaks of clinical disease or of latent infection does not decrease. This is due to the fact that the applied sanitary measures neglect basis epidemiological knowledge.


Haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome: a brief review; the situation in France

Dournon (E), Morinière (B) & Giraud (P-M)

After a recall about the main characteristics of this disease recently identified in France, the authors give some clinical and epidemiological information’s about twenty cases studied in the North-East quarter of the country.